Re: mailbox index list appearance

On 2003.03.04 11:20 Steffen Klemer wrote:
>Am 2003.03.04 01:37 schrieb(en) Lynn Kerby:
>   > I'm trying to run balsa 2.0.9 using a Gnome1.4 desktop.  I've built
>   > balsa and
>   > all the
>   > requisite Gnome2 libs using GARNOME and have set up my environment to
>   > find
>   > all the Gnome2 libs first in the search path.  Things are working
>   > pretty well,
>   > but I've
>   > noticed that there is entirely too much whitespace in the mailbox list
>   > and
>   > mailbox
>   > index windows.  Does anyone know what I can do to tell GTK2 to put 
>   > space
>   > around things these GtkTreeView lists?  I'm mostly interested in
>   > changing the
>   > vertical spacing so that it is about the same as what I find in the
>   > pop-up
>   > menu.
>   > 
>What do you mean by this?
>Could you perhpas post a screenshot or explain it a bit?

I couldn't get the images to scale very well, and they are too large to
make it to the list without moderator approval (about 40k each) so I've
put them up on my web server.

The balsa 1.4.2 screenshot can be viewed at:
And the balsa 2.0.9 view of the same basic information is at:

Here is the rest of the message that is held up for moderator approval:

Hopefully the attached png images (no scaling, but cropped a bunch to reduce
size) will demonstrate.  The vertical layout of the Tree has changed considerably
(about 25% more whitespace by my eye).  I went ahead and measured the highlighted
line in each list and the actual size is 15 pixels for balsa 1.4.2 and a whopping
20 pixels for balsa 2.0.9 (should be the same font).  I'm all for appropriate use
of whitespace separation, but a 33% increase is a bit much.

I've installed a full RH8.0 gnome2 desktop since I sent the original mail and have
explored several themes to no avail.  This probably isn't the right list for this
type of issue, but I figured that someone else on this list has either gotten
around the problem or knows who I can bug about this.
Lynn Kerby <>

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