Aw: Re: Comments please: gpg/rfc 3156 support for balsa (looong)

> Just one question regarding GnuPG. There is a GTK2-app called Seahorse 
> [ ] with an editor and allte 
> encryption + signing built-in. Is that a totally different approach 
> outside of mailing, or is there any chance to combine it with balsa for 
> now?

I think this is just an other (but *very* comfortable) way to talk to gunpg. However, the requirements as laid down in rfc3156 regarding mime types etc. are very specific, and I think (though I did not check it) seahorse/gnupg doesn't know about it. gmime does, and my patch too...

However, I think there might be a button or something like that to call seahorse from balsa for key management or such stuff. I'm not sure about that yet...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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