Re: mailbox index list appearance

Am 2003.03.04 01:37 schrieb(en) Lynn Kerby:
   > I'm trying to run balsa 2.0.9 using a Gnome1.4 desktop.  I've built
   > balsa and
   > all the
   > requisite Gnome2 libs using GARNOME and have set up my environment to
   > find
   > all the Gnome2 libs first in the search path.  Things are working
   > pretty well,
   > but I've
   > noticed that there is entirely too much whitespace in the mailbox list
   > and
   > mailbox
   > index windows.  Does anyone know what I can do to tell GTK2 to put 
   > space
   > around things these GtkTreeView lists?  I'm mostly interested in
   > changing the
   > vertical spacing so that it is about the same as what I find in the
   > pop-up
   > menu.
What do you mean by this?
Could you perhpas post a screenshot or explain it a bit?


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