Re: Re: a problem with message headers (Pawel Salek)

Thank you. :) Now everything works fine with mail headers.

But there is one more question. I've put my mozilla's addressbook into 
LDAP server and tried to use it from Balsa. I've found 2 problems:

1) [not too serious] Dialog resizing is makes it look broken. A list of 
contacts does not expand while combobox with addressbook name does. I 
think it is not right from usability point of view.

2) [very serious] The most of my contacts are named in russian. Only 
one of them is stored in english. What is see is a list of emails and 
mostly empty column of names. I thought that there can be a problem 
when balsa recieves data from LDAP. I refilled LDAP addressbook adding 
characters 'g' aroung 'givenname' and 's' around 'sn'. This time I saw 
a column mostly consisting of 'gg ss' lines. So, there are 2 questions:
	1. Does anybody knows how to fix this?
	2. If nobody knows, where should I look to start debugging?

With best regards, Rtveliashvili Denis

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