Re: forwarding messages inline

Am 23.06.2003 12:18 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:
> a) you're not actually quoting anything - you're forwarding

If I simply would want to forward a mail as-is, you wouldn't (more 
precisely shouldn't) forward it inline, but as an attachment.
If I forward messages inline, than I want to refer to and comment some 
parts of it, and therefor it needs to be quoted. I really got confused 
when seeing no quote. Especially the heading with author and time of 
the text that follows shouts for quoting imho.

> b) it's easier to diff forwards and replies

Not sure why you would want them to look different? The title has a 
"Re:" or a "Fw:" and that's it, you know what it is before you even 
look at the body. I think they should look similar in order to not 
confuse users. See section above.



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