Re: forwarding messages inline

On 06/22/2003, Darko Obradovic wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just noticed that balsa won't quote a text if I forward a message 
> inline, but imho it should. So, before opening a new bug: am I too 
> used to such a feature? does it make sense not to quote the text?
> So: is it really a bug or a feature?
> The version is some CVS after 2.0.11, if it matters.
> bye,
> Darko

That seems to be a quite conscious decision in the code:

         body = content2reply(message,
                              (type == SEND_REPLY || type == 
                               type == SEND_REPLY_GROUP) ?
                              balsa_app.quote_str : NULL,
                              balsa_app.wordwrap ? balsa_app.
wraplength : -1,
                              balsa_app.reply_strip_html, bsmsg->flow);

Only the various REPLY types get the quote string.  I'm sure all the 
2.0.x versions have been that way, and earlier versions also.  Is there 
a consensus among users or other MUAs that inline-forwarded messages 
should also be quoted?


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