Re : Undo in compose window

On 2003.06.03 16:24, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> The lack of an Undo option in the compose window has been mentioned 
> on the list (and has bitten me more often than I'd like!).  The 
> attached patch (against current cvs) is a first cut at such an option 
> (single-
> level).  It saves a snapshot of the buffer before any of the other 
> menu items is used, and also when text is deleted using the keyboard 
> (for instance, when I start typing with a block of text highlighted 
> for copying, and forget that it'll be replaced!).  The Undo button 
> restores the snapshot.
> Restoring the snapshot loses any other changes you've made since it 
> was taken, which might be a lot of typing (;-(), and there's no Redo 
> option if you decide that Undo was worse than nothing.  So there's a 
> lot of room for improvement!
> Comments and suggestions welcome, as always.

Seems really useful for me; moreover I think it is sufficient, balsa is 
not a text editor, and this functionnality seems advanced enough IMHO.
Just a small thing : perhaps should we add the button to the toolbar?

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