Re: Why do I have two Trash folders in my folder list?

On 2003.07.24 07:36, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:48:51, wrote:
>> I was going to say 'of course they are', but of course they are 
>> not...
>> I have /home/mike/mail/Trash/ for the folder marked as the trash 
>> folder
>> and /home/mike/mail/Trash, notice lake of trailing /.
>> Not being a mail guru, I believe the trailing / means it's a 
>> maildir, yes?
> Balsa will reconize maildirs with and without the trailing /. My best 
> guess is you added that mailbox from File->New with the trailing / in 
> the path and now you're getting it once from the mailboxes list and 
> again from the mail/ scanner (without the /). The config file saves 
> the trashbox url which matches both mailbox tree entries. Is this 
> correct ?

Sorry for intervene, since I don't have a solution, but a somewhat 
similar situation with my outbox folder. I have one "official" outbox 
folder, identified by its icon, and a second outbox folder with a 
generic icon, meaning an icon without the blue arrow pointing out of 
the box. Both outboxes show the same message to be sent.
If I right-click the additional outbox to delete it and select "remove 
from list", it is in effect deleted from the list, but only for the 
current Balsa session; it reappears as soon as I re-launch Balsa. If I 
select "remove from list and disk" it also disappears, but the original 
outbox becomes non-functional, with a Balsa message stating that it 
cannot find the Outbox when I click over it, so I am forced to manually 
re-create the outbox file and then back to the same situation of two 
outboxes. The path of the original outbox is "/home/francisco/mail/
outbox". The path of the second is "/home/francisco/mail//outbox". Note 
the additional "/" in the second outbox path. Using Nautilus, I 
verified that there is only one outbox file; not even a hidden second 
one. If I manually remove one of the "/" in the second outbox path, 
nothing seems to happen. I part from the assumption that this problem 
has the same root that the trash problem, so I though it would be 
better to add this request here instead of starting a new thread. 
Thanks in advance for any help.

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