Some features failure in balsa-1.4.2 + patch for CP1251 support


I'm using Balsa under Solaris 8 for SPARC for half a year.  I started 
from 1.3.?, then compiled 1.4.1 and two months ago 1.4.2.
Moving to 1.4.2 caused losing several features:

1) Sent mails now are not copied automatically to Sentbox.  I don't 
know why because "Copy outgoing messages to sentbox" is turned on.  
.gnome/balsa also contains CopyToSentbox=1

I'm still able to copy messages to Sentbox explicitly, so mailbox 
itself is good.

2) Now I need to press Ctrl+T to send queued messages to SMTP server.  
How to enable auto-flush feature?

Maybe, problems are caused by config file originated from version 1.3.?
Please, help me to restore usual behaviour!  Balsa is the only mailer 
which has all needed features and avaiable on Solaris!

I had problems with displaying messages incoming in Microsoft CP1251 
encoding.  To enable correct viewing (not replying!!!) such messages I 
patched src/balsa-message.c from 1.4.2 source tree.  Patch is 
attached.  To have it works one needs to set displaying fonts which 
represented in CP1251 encoding.  I met CP1251 X fonts with two 
different rgstry-encdng pairs.

Best regards,
                                Vladimir Eliseev
*** balsa-message.c_old	Thu Dec 26 15:35:25 2002
--- balsa-message.c_new	Thu Dec 26 15:30:37 2002
*** 1225,1230 ****
--- 1225,1232 ----
      {"koi-8-u", "koi8-u", FALSE}, 
      {"koi8-r",  "koi8-r", FALSE}, 
      {"koi8-u",  "koi8-u", FALSE}, 
+     {"windows-1251", "microsoft-cp1251", FALSE}, 
+     {"windows-1251", "mswcyr-1", FALSE}, 
      {"us-ascii", "iso8859-1", FALSE}

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