Re: Address book questions

>> It's something where I think the GNOME project is heading into the
>> woods. I think rather than setting a defacto PIM application (evo)
>> they should concentrate more on interfaces and formats.
> with gnome-2.6 there'll be evolution-data-server available. And it  
> shouldn't be that hard to make balsa using it. It's on my todo-list for  
> next year, unless evolution-2.0 makes me switching the mail-client.

I agree with Simon's points.  There is a lot of effort going into "big,"
"modern" applications, perhaps at the cost of GNOME/Linux's traditional
ability to revive old hardware.  But the solution, I think, is to simply
continue to maintain alternative, small applications like balsa.
And pehaps lobby that some advanced fuctionality provided by the bigger
applications be broken off into smaller modules.

Back to the address book issue.  I have now tried rubrica (thanks for the
suggestion).  Version 1.1.50 still feels a little developmental in nature.
Specifically, I can not drag an email address and drop it into balsa
and I can't seem to get rubrica to open an addressbook when executed.
Despite this (and the occasional crash), rubrica does seem to be more
maintained that gnome-pim is these days.

So, I propose that the balsa folks work with the rubrica guy to get
balsa and rubrica working well.  I know I will certainly be contacting
rubrica's author.  As I mentioned before, balsa is a good application.
However, gnomecard, its simple address book, is unmaintained and this
represents an eventual show stopper.  I think rubrica may give us
some hope (unless someone steps up to maintain gnome-pim).



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