Re: Address book questions

> Am 2003.12.30 20:25 schrieb(en) W. Michael Petullo:
>> Currently, what is the recommended method for storing, updating and
>> retrieving email addresses when using balsa?  What are balsa's future
>> plans (considering the apparent fading of gnome-pim/gnomecard)?
> The maintainer of rubrica promised a new handler for the its very own xml-=
> format.
> And I also think that it shouldn't be such a big problem to support the =20
> evo-book (all the parser code is in evo-mail client too, or am I wrong?)
It's something where I think the GNOME project is heading into the woods. I think rather than setting a defacto PIM application (evo) they should concentrate more on interfaces and formats. My PC (a P3 600) is simply too slow for evo, nautilus and fancy themes so although I really like Balsa, we're going to miss out on the evo-gaim-dashboard integration, which seems to be the direction GNOME is headed in. Rubrica, although I have high hopes for it doesn't allow me to enter addresses in British format, so I still use gnomecard (which doesn't allow me to do that either, but is quicker to load)

I'll get my coat and take my soapbox with me 


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