Mem corruption due to race? (Was: [BUG] : crash (perhaps gpg related))

Am 08.12.03 15:28 schrieb(en) manu:
> (balsa:2121): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file ../../gtk/gtktextbuffer.c: line 543  
> (gtk_text_buffer_emit_insert): assertion `g_utf8_validate (text, len,  
> NULL)' failed
> though I'm not sure it is realted to the crash.
> I was only able to have this bt which does not look really helpful : 
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x4129e689 in __after_morecore_hook () from /lib/i686/
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x4129e689 in __after_morecore_hook () from /lib/i686/
> #1  0x40c4f54c in gtk_rc_scanner_new () from /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0. 
> so.0

I also had some crashes, and I also did not send them to bugzilla as they  
are completely irreproducible. Yesterday I managed to crash balsa by  
fastly clicking over the new messages in the inbox (mbox file), deleting  
most of them (I have the "remove immediately" option checked).

Before the crash, I got a completely broken display in the mail body  
window, showing inter alia some header lines and a body part from an other  
message (not the one of which the headers were shown). This might be an  
indication of a memory corruption (due to deleting messages?), probabely  
caused by a race condition.

If you saw the same effect (which I guess is the case here), this might be  
the cause for the utf8 error above. I must admit that I can not really  
imagine how this is caused by gpg support. For signed messages, I just  
take the mailbox stream, analyse it, and create some data structures  
(RFC3156) or manipulate the text buffer directly (RFC2440), which is only  
freed when the message is destroyed. IMHO, if there was a serious mem  
alloc/free problem, it should crash more frequently, but of course I might  
be wrong there.

For encrypted messages, the decrypted message is copied into a separate  
temp stream, but this also seems to work. Hmmm...

> Hope someone can understand that.

Maybe the people who wrote the code to handle mbox files, in particular  
moving/deleting messages, can tell a little more about that? I never had  
problems at work where everything is imap...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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