Re: Balsa 2.0.13 hanging on start up

On 2003.08.04 13:52, Tony Sequeira wrote:
>>  This looks like typical "-lc before -lpthread" problem to me, there   
>> is  a plenty of it in archives. Check out the output of ldd  /usr/ 
>> bin/balsa:  -lpthread should be before -lc, otherwise wrong fork()  
>> routine is  linked in.  pspell was known to have -lc in dep_libs  
>> variable in /usr/lib/ file, which lead to this problem.
> > Pawel
>  Thanks for the answer, I did apply the fix, and it did not help.

Make sure you relink balsa after modifying the *.la file. You may also  
want to check other *.la libraries balsa links agains. Balsa will hang  
as long as -lc is before -lpthread is on the ldd output. -pawel

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