Re: [balsa] Re: Mark as read functionality

On 2003.08.04 13:23, M. Thielker wrote:
> On 2003.08.04 09:20 Pawel Salek wrote:
>>> Also, a keybinding for the toggle read/unread would be nice.
>> Can you suggest a specific key combination?
> not really, I don't know all keybindungs and I don't know which are  
> in use. One thing that is a major annoyance in Evo is, that the keys  
> for "Mark as unread" and "Delete" cannot be reached with the same  
> hand. The normal action is "Mark as read" followed by "Delete", so it  
> should be a key (-combo) on the left hand side if the keyboard.  
> Pretty counterintuitive, but well reachable is Outlook Express's  
> keybinding, it's "CTRL-Q" for mark read and "CTRL-D" for delete. That  
> is easily done with one hand. Normally, I would use the mouse with my  
> right hand and do the needed actions on the keyboard with my left. So  
> it should a halfway intuitive key on the left hand side of the  
> keybord.

Hi Melani.

It is a difficult task to find a good shortcut. Ctrl-Q is used. Ctrl-W  
is usually used for other purpose. Ctrl-E may be confusing for emacs  
users. Ctrl-R is available.
Ctrl-A is used. So is Ctrl-S and Ctrl-F.
Ctrl-Z, X, C and V are available but X, C and V are usually taken for  
clipboard handling functions. Ctrl-B?


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