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 --- "M. Thielker" <> a écrit : >
> I recently installed POPFile to get a bit of control
> over spam. It works 
> great, mostly. POPFile marks the messages as [Spam]
> and a Balsa filter rule 
> picks it up and sorts it away.
> Every now and then I check the spam folder and
> delete what's there. So far, 
> so good.
> The messages sorted into the spam folder remain
> unread, and unread they 
> still are when they are deleted. That is what I
> don't like. There is no 
> easy way to mark an entire folder's contents "read",
> no kebinding, it's 2 
> two-level menu actions to achieve that. There also
> is no filter action to 
> mark a message as read.
> Now I would like to have a filter action "Mark
> message read", so my filter 
> chain could read "If message header matches [spam]
> mark message as read and 
> move to spam folder".

Hi Melanie,
this is a really good suggestion. Right now I can't
code that (I'm switching to USA in a few days) and I
don't know when I can actually code back again. Anyway
here is my proposal : filters could have a way to
specify an action on every flag a message has, ie
read/unread, marked/unmarked...
Would that be OK for everyone?

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