Re: Balsa's thread handling very buggy.

Am 21.07.2003 11:18 schrieb(en) Miquel van Smoorenburg:
> OTOH, it looks like now the whole thread "stays together" even if the
> top level message is deleted, and that is excellent. I take it that
> some work was done on that? It really helps keeping my inbox
> organized!

Although you explained it quite good, I think this is unnatural and 
irritating, since the subject-lines might change,a nd you get flat 
messages adjacent to each other which don't fit into the sorting of the 
rest of the list... But since I never delete heads of threads, but only 
whole threads, it's ok with me. :)
Now the issue: How about an additional submenu "whole thread" in the 
context-menu, if the message has children, in which you could choose 
"delete, mark, ..." for the whole thread then? I think it would be 
really helpful and avoid some of the problems mentioned in the very 
beginning of this thread.

Darko Obradovic

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