Re: More GPG fixes

Am 11.04.03 06:37 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
> Either or, perfectly would be to select a specific key, but sufficent is 
> "sign msg by default" "encrypt by default"...

O.k., I understand.

> As for OpenPGP: I have some strange feelings that it is very confusing 
> for users to even have 2 possibilities to sign mails. Every other 
> implentation I've seen only had 1...
> But don't know how to hide this 'cause if this feature is possible it 
> should stay possible to use, perhaps sb. will need it...

The problem is that some mua's support only mime (RFC3156) mode (sylpheed, 
evolution [?]), whereas others only know about openPGP (RFC2440, e.g. 
pgp4pine). So IMHO it's an advantage that balsa knows about *both*. '3156 
seems to be more safe from the mta's POV and more flexible, as it can 
painlessly sign/encrypt multipart messages. However, *lots* of people in 
the academic world still use pine, as its still usable from a terminal 
over a bad ssh line, so this standard is far from being dead.

But I agree that such a button should *not* go into the identity panel, as 
it's *recipient* dependant. And we (I?? My english is *very* bad!) should 
write some words about it for the online help...

> great - can't await to test it!
> One pair is already enough (at least for me :-)

See my other post to the list. :-))

> !!!Once again: thanks for your hard work implenting this!!!!

I can just say that's a *lot* of fun, in particular if there's positive 



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