Re: [Q]: IMAP subfolder

Le 25.10.2002 19:57, M. Thielker a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 2002.10.26 01:41 Emmanuel wrote:
>> But here is I don't understand now : why can't I choose the IMAP folder 
>> itself as the parent of a new subfolder? This is annoying if I want to
> IMAP is represented as a hierarchy of folders, but in fact it's a list 
> of folders. The main difference is, that, when you create 
> mailtest/mybox, mybox is created as mailtest/mybox and added to the 
> list, but mailtest is not created as a folder. Therefore, mailtest 
> itself cannot hold messages and cannot be selected in the tree view. In 
> order to achieve what you want, you need to create mailtest as a folder, 
> then create myfolder as a subfolder, in that order. You may need to use 
> the CLI interface of your IMAP server to do this right. Please note that 
> Cyrus IMAP, at least, will create all mailboxes with _no_ permisions 
> set. You must explicitly set permissions on each and every mailbox you 
> create to make it accessible (and possibly selectable). On Cyrus, it 
> would be this:
> cm user.melanie.mailtest
> sam user.melanie.mailtest melanie all
> cm user.melanie.mailtest.myfolder
> sam user.melanie.mailtest.myfolder melanie all
> That will create myfolder as a subfolder of mailtest and both will be 
> selectable and be able to hold messages or subfolders.

OK so it should be possible to do the following : create a subfolder named 
mailtest, then create a new subfolder named mybox with mailtest as parent? 
I think I have tried that with Balsa and it did not work. I'll check once 
more to be sure.

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