[Q]: IMAP subfolder

	Hi all,
here is my (perhaps dumb) question : for balsa testing I have set up a new 
user account and a local IMAP server. All works OK, I have an IMAP folder 
with an INBOX inside it. So my question is : how do I create a new 
subdirectory directly from Balsa. Eg I want to have a subdir named balsa 
(I say subdir, not a mailbox) which contains several mailboxes (one for 
balsa ML, one for technical mails I exchange about Balsa and so on). Can I 
do this directly from balsa, or do I have to log in the server, create my 
subdir with mkdir, and then I can create mailboxes in this subdir. If I 
can't, does the IMAP protocol enable a client to do this kind of thing?
So in fact perhaps my question boils down to what IMAP notion corresponds 
to a subdir in the mail tree of the user account.

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