Re: Weird things with non-ASCII messages

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 08:53:41PM +0200, Christopher Culver wrote:
> I've had some problems in Balsa with messages that are in neither ASCII 
> nor UTF-8 (these two always work fine). For example, I recently opened 
> with Balsa an mbox file containing messages with Cyrillic characters 
> encoded in CP1251. Other mail programs can view them fine; even if they 
> can't show the actual characters, they will display a string of 
> gibberish showing that there is indeed text there, just not in a 
> legible charset. In Balsa, it seems that when the program reaches a 
> character in a certain charset, it hits a bump and flies over half the 
> message before resuming the display.

you get lots of nasty messages on the console mentioning PANGO ?

> This was repeated today when I received a message formatted, accorded 
> to its header, in ISO-8859-1. Large gaps were missing from the message, 
> I had to open the mbox file in gedit to see the thing correctly.

hum, that would be converted from latin-1 to utf8 by libmutt (iconv) and
then displayed. i'm not sure exactly what broke there

could you please post this to bugzilla with balsa and gtk+
version. also, attaching the messages that triger it would help.

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