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On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 12:59:19AM +0400, Shmyrev wrote:
> Hello. First of all I want to say, that I like balsa. I use it with Gnome2
> and I think, that it is very  good mail client. But I have some
> suggestions/questions/bugs.  I talk about balsa-2.0.2 and BALSA_2 from CVS.
> 1. About encodings. I can recieve mail in any encoding, and mostly I use
> utf-8. I can recieve messages? which doesnt contain encoding
> informaition(from shell command mail).
>    a)  Why I can't send messages in UTF?

it's simply missing from the language menu. what do you people think ? one
UTF-8 entry per language or one single "unspecified, UTF-8" entry ?

>    b)  Why I can choose encoding, but my choice is lost on the next sturtup.

default encoding is guessed from LANG environment which should come from 

>    c)  Why I can't choose encoding of letter body myself? (I know, it is
> hard because of using libmutt, but it is highly  requered).

i don't understand this one, the encoding you choose from the language
menu is the encoding used for the body

> 3. Bug with Inbox does not open on startup. As I know (this may be wrong),
> this bug is not corrected. I have this bug too. I looked sources, but
> couldn't understend problem. I only know that functions is called in such
> order.
> (I have options Remember open mailboxes and Open Inbox upon startup)

i could never reproduce this one, what's your inbox details ? type, have
stored password etc


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