Re: Attachments

On 2002.11.22 08:35 Olivier Jousselin wrote:
> 	Hello everyone !
> 	Long-time Balsa user (and evangelist !), I recently realized one
> feature is still missing : when you forward a mail, its attachments are
> not automatically forwarded : you have to save them manually, then attach
> them again to the forwarded message. If memory serves, this point has
> been discussed on the list about a year ago, and I thought the answer
> was, more or less : allow this attachment-forwarding behavior, but do not
> mandate it (ie, checkbox in preferences). I'm running 1.4.1, and I still
> son't see anything like it anywhere. Does anyone know what's the status
> of this ?

Iirc, if you forward as attachment, then the attachments are included.

> 	Along the same lines, I'd love a way to save *all* attachments at
> once, by selecting a directory. Sometimes, you get mails with N
> attachments, and it's a real pain in the neck to have to right click on
> each one, click Save As, click OK for each and every one of them.

That's strange: the icon list has multiple selection enabled, but I can't 
seem to select more than one at a time (1.4.1). And the `save current 
part' menu item isn't promising: it looks as though it's designed for a 
single selection mode. `Save selected parts' would be better, if it 
doesn't break any current capability. That needs looking into...

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