Hello everyone !

	Long-time Balsa user (and evangelist !), I recently realized one feature is still missing : when you forward a mail, its attachments are not automatically forwarded : you have to save them manually, then attach them again to the forwarded message. If memory serves, this point has been discussed on the list about a year ago, and I thought the answer was, more or less : allow this attachment-forwarding behavior, but do not mandate it (ie, checkbox in preferences). I'm running 1.4.1, and I still son't see anything like it anywhere. Does anyone know what's the status of this ?

	Along the same lines, I'd love a way to save *all* attachments at once, by selecting a directory. Sometimes, you get mails with N attachments, and it's a real pain in the neck to have to right click on each one, click Save As, click OK for each and every one of them.

	Anyway, thanks to all developers for this great piece of software !

_Olivier Jousselin_     CTO/Directeur technique, PC Away

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