ellipses in the menu [was Re: Proposal for a new Preferences window]

Am 2002.11.17 11:41 schrieb(en) M. Thielker:
> Hello,
> On 2002.11.17 10:10 Steffen Klemer wrote:
>> Simply speaking about the menu - there shouldn't be these ellipses 
>> after the words "Preferences", "Customize" and "Identity" because they 
>> don't need further interaction to be performed - they simply open new 
>> windows.
> Well, it seems like it's a common practice to have an ellipsis after a 
> menu option that opens a modal dialog. There is no ellipsis after 
> options that open modeless dialogs, but these, AFAIK, should really be 
> in te "View" menu, generally speaking.
> This, of course, is not from the HIG but from my personal observations. 
> I believe that M$ HIGs mandate an ellipsis in this case, but Windoze 
> uses modal dialogs much more than Gnome does, as a matter of fact, in 
> Windows dialogs ae modal by default and special steps have to be taken 
> to make them modeless.

 From the Gnome HIG:
Label the menu item with a trailing ellipsis ("...") only if the command 
requires further input from the user before it can be performed. Do not 
add an ellipsis to items that only present a confirmation dialog (such as 
Delete), or that do not require further input (such as Properties, 
Preferences or About).

The only items in the Balsa menu needing ellipses are in my eyes:

* The new items
* Print
* Search
* The items in Message already containing the ellipses except "View source"
* and perhaps "edit/apply filters"

But perhaps that is a minor problem... :-)

> Melanie


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