Re: Simplification of preferences


Just to add something from my experience...

On 2002.11.14 09:45 M. Thielker wrote:
>> Startup
>>   Open Inbox upon startup
>>       Maybe we should always do that? Or use (existing) command line
>>       option only to control behaviour.
> Unless we have an Evo-like startup page, that could go away. It makes 
> no sense to _not_ open the inbox on startup. For those rare 
> exceptions, a command line option would be fine, I guess.
>>   Check mail upon startup
>>       Remove preference; decide on sensible behaviour common to all.
> That's no good for dialup users who may not be connected and may not 
> want to dial when opening the program. There seems to be no reliable 
> method to detect a dialup settting, so it needs to remain a pref.

When I am travelling I have the balsa on my laptop configured to not 
open Inbox on startup as well as to not check mail upon startup.

Sometimes I am dialled up, sometime I'm not connected to any network, 
sometimes I'm on a private lan - and my Inbox is an IMAP mailbox back 
in the office here, hence it's not always accessable when I start 
balsa. So to prevent long startup delays I have both these options 
turned off and only open/check my inbox when I know I have network 
access to it.


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