Error: Default pixmap attachment.png cannot be found

Well I am back to using Balsa after an extended absence.  I'm quite 
pleased so far except for a strange problem when trying to include an 
attachment.  After choosing a file I get an error message saying 
"Default attachment pixmap attachement.png cannot be found.  Your balsa 
installation is corrupted."  I verified this file exists in 
/usr/local/share/balsa/pixmaps.  Also, when this fails the program 
cannot attach the file -- I would think if this were only a pixmap 
issue then Balsa should allow me to send an attachement but without 
displaying its icon.  Maybe add this to the list of future "should" 

I compiled Balsa 2.0.3 from source on a Debian 'sid' system with the 
sid Gnome2 packages.

Any ideas or solutions?  Thanks in advance.

Timothy Rost

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