Re: [RFC] `Move' menu item

On 03.05.2002 16:19 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2002.05.03 13:43:53 +0100 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> Imho Balsa still needs the `Move' option as an alternative to 
>> drag'n'drop, and consequently still needs a way to select the 
>> destination. The mechanism that would be closest to the present version 
>> would be to change the `Folder' submenu into a `Folder...' item that 
>> would pop up a dialog window with the tree view. Clicking on a folder 
>> would select that as the destination, as at present, and a `Cancel' 
>> button would offer a way out without taking action. Selecting 
>> `Folder...' would presumably close the context menu, so after 
>> `Cancel'ing, you'd have to reopen the menu if you wanted to take some 
>> other action.
> what about
> Move to > MRU 1
>           MRU 2
>           MRU 3
>           ...
>           -----
>           Other
> other would open the folder tree

I vote for that one too (here in France voting is increasingly important!).

Peter, several people complained about the fact that the solution I found 
to let user specify the destination mailbox for a filter. Indeed it was 
first a text entry and I later checked if it was an existing name, but 
then I decided to put all mailboxes names in a check menu to ease (at 
least I thought it would ease the process) the mailbox choice. But it 
turned out that several users have so many mailboxes that the check menu 
is just too long and extend beyond screen so that they can't choose 
certain mailboxes any more.
I have no time now to think about it, so if you ever had time to implement 
it or just send me the places I should look at to implement it the same 
way as what you're planning for the move menu (later when I have time).

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