Re: [RFC] `Move' menu item

On 2002.05.03 13:43:53 +0100 Peter Bloomfield wrote:

> Imho Balsa still needs the `Move' option as an alternative to drag'n'drop, 
> and consequently still needs a way to select the destination. The mechanism 
> that would be closest to the present version would be to change the 
> `Folder' submenu into a `Folder...' item that would pop up a dialog window 
> with the tree view. Clicking on a folder would select that as the 
> destination, as at present, and a `Cancel' button would offer a way out 
> without taking action. Selecting `Folder...' would presumably close the 
> context menu, so after `Cancel'ing, you'd have to reopen the menu if you 
> wanted to take some other action.

what about

Move to > MRU 1
           MRU 2
           MRU 3

other would open the folder tree

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