Re: Size of messages in remote IMAP inbox.

On 2002.05.01 02:41:28 -0600 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 2002.05.01 04:16 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> [ snip ]
>> Do you have `Display message size in lines' checked? Balsa uses the 
>> non-standard `Lines:' header to get this information--perhaps an 
>> IMAP server can choose not to download it.
> Well, I have to eat those words. Libmutt's imap code *asks* for that 
> header, but it's not clear whether it ever receives it or what it 
> would do with the information if it did. It appears to count lines 
> when the message is downloaded, even though the information is 
> contained in the BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE data items in the FETCH 
> response, so it wouldn't be available until you've viewed a message.

With the indicated option checked, the sizes aren't usually available 
even after reading the message.

I believe that the behavior is persistent with a given message, and 
that on those few messages where it does show up, it shows up even 
before the message is read.  I'll try to keep an eye out to verify this.

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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