Re: Size of messages in remote IMAP inbox.

On 2002.04.30 16:20:53 -0600 Carlos Morgado wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 03:03:20PM -0600, Bobby D. Bryant wrote:

> > My list of messages in my remote IMAP mailbox does not display the
> > sizes reliably.  For instance, I currently have 47 messages in that
> > box, but the display shows one of them as size=13, and the rest as
> > size=0.  I have not been able to detect any pattern for which
> > messages have a size reported and which don't.
> >
> > All my local mailboxes appear to report sizes reliably.
> odd. what imapd do you use ?

I'm not sure.  I can't find any mention of it on my ISP's Web site.  
When I telnet in to the server I see this message:

* OK Courier-IMAP ready. Copyright 1998-2001 Double Precision, Inc.  
See COPYING for distribution information.

I presume that that means they are running this:

If the above doesn't tell you what you need I'll write and ask, though 
last time I wrote with a question it took nearly a month to get an 
answer back.

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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