porting to GNOME2 - some thoughts


For those interested in porting balsa to GNOME2: Thanks to Peter 
Bloomfield's persistence, balsa compiles now with GNOME2.

I have even been able to browse message sources by disabling message 
preview and choosing upper-most icon from the context menu. :-) But, 
there is still lot to do.

The observations:
a). text message preview does not work because GtkTextView gets 
confused when placed in a GtkScrolledWindow and keeps revaluating its 
size forever. I do not know whether it is abug in GtkTextView or in the 
way we use it...

b). changing message selection with left button does not work. It work 
with the right button.

c). There are no texts in the context menu (this seems easy).

d). viewing source from the main menu does not work (Why).

Pawel Salek (pawsa@theochem.kth.se) http://www.theochem.kth.se/~pawsa/
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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