Re: "stable" libESMTP

On 06.03.2002 17:40 Brian Stafford wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm thinking about releasing libESMTP as a stable 1.0 version in the 
> near future.  To that end I may relegate the OpennSSL dependent stuff to 
> experimental status since it needs a bit more work to make it "polished" 
> (if that's possible in the OpenSSL API ;).
> Does anyone know of any issues I should consider or are there any 
> missing features that might be considered essential for a stable release?
> For example, is there anything that should be taken into account 
> regarding release procedures for the distributions?  Is it really 
> necessary that the OpenSSL features should be considered experimental?  
> Autoconf issues?
I don't remember having even a small problem to compile your libs since a 
long time. Note that I don't have an exotic config (hmm, not for the basic 
features, because my gnome settings are getting really special now : all 
compiled by hands with small "touches" to compile the beast without using 
ALL the libs).
For me it's OK.

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