Hi all,

Those of you using libESMTP should download the latest tarballs from

It is strongly reccomended that all users upgrade immediately as this release 
fixes a major security bug.  See the extract from the change log below.

Also fixed is a minor build problem in the NTLM code.  This previously used 
stdint.h which is not universally available yet.

Brian Stafford

2002-03-04      Brian Stafford  <>
       * protocol.c
         Fix buffer overflow problem in read_smtp_response.  This
         overflow could be exploited by a malicious SMTP server to
         overwrite the stack and hence a carefully crafted response could
         cause arbitrary code to be executed.  Also took the opportunity
         to add a related check for a potential DoS attack which makes
         use of excessively long SMTP responses.  Thanks to Colin Phipps
         for detecting this.

       * concatenate.[ch]
         New function cat_shrink to shrink-wrap the allocated buffer.

       * libesmtp.h errors.c
         New unterminated response error code and description.

       * ntlm/ntlmstruct.c crammd5/md5.h
         stdint.h does not yet seem to be widely available causing
         compilation to fail on some platforms.  Changed uint{16,32}_t to
         unsigned{16,32}_t, detect correct sizes with autoconf and added
         typedefs in ntlmstruct.c.  Changed detection types from int to
         unsigned int in and made corresponding changes in
         crammd5/md5.h.  Thanks to Ronald F. Guilmette for spotting this.

2002-02-12      Brian Stafford  <>
       * strcasecmp.c strncasecmp.c
         These now return the correct sign of result for differing strings.

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