Re: Work on PGP/GPG support

On Fri,  1 March 10:51 Laurent Cheylus wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on PGP/GPG support for Balsa. I use the GPGME library
> ("secure" API to use PGP/GPG software) :
> At this time, I am working on support for PGP/GPG support in plaintext
> mode (RFC 2440) and later, I will add support for PGP/MIME support (RFC
> 3156)

Sounds good to me.

When you get to the PGP/MIME stage, I'd appreciate if you dropped me a line 
since I'd quite like to have S/MIME support in balsa too.  Obviously this will 
need to integrate into the same MIME framework as PGP/MIME.

Since the STARTTLS issue has reared its head again in libESMTP, I'll likely be 
getting back into OpenSSL again anyway.  I'm unlikely to have the time to code 
the MIME part of the support, but if you were to handle that and PGP/MIME, as 
you plan to, I'm quite happy to provide the S/MIME side of the code.

I guess an obvious question is should balsa 1.[45].x have S/MIME and PGP/MIME 
or should that be deferred to balsa 2.x.x?

The other obvious question is should OpenSSL be used for this or should we 
bite the bullet and go for the GNU TLS suite?


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