Re: Compatibility with KMail

On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 05:19:08PM +0200, Manfred Murer wrote:
> Hi
> I switched over from KDE to Gnome. I'm still really happy with KMail but I'd 
> like to change over to Balsa 1.4x as it respects more the Gnome outfit.
> Now the problem: is it possible to import the nested folder structures (and 
> the mails of course!) from KMail? I finally got the mailboxes in but no way 

how does kmail organize the mailboxes on disk ?

> to reproduce the tree. I'm also missing an option to send all mails from a 
> specifix mailserver to a folder and assign a default identity to a folder. Is 
> this yet implemented?

it's currently under development in the filter framework

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