Greetings all and sundry,

I've finally released libESMTP 1.0 release candidate 1 (about 6 weeks later 
than intended, sigh).

All features, other than ETRN and CHUNKING/BINARYMIME, are now considered 


* non-standard AUTH= syntax is enabled by default
* support for RFC 3030 CHUNKING and BINARYMIME (disabled by default).
* new API call smtp_set_timeout() to set protocol timeouts (!)

Unlike previous releases, ./configure with no options will build the 
generically useful version of libESMTP.  Distro maintainers might still want 
to explicitly enable or disable some features, for example, use of OpenSSL is 
detected and enabled by default.

Feedback on the the RFC 3030 features is especially desirable.

extract from ChangeLog follows


2002-06-24      Brian Stafford  <>
       * protocol.c protocol-states.h
       * smtp-api.c smtp-bdat.c libesmtp.h libesmtp-private.h
         Added experimental support for the SMTP CHUNKING extension.

         Enable non-standard AUTH= response by default.

2002-05-31      Brian Stafford  <>
       * protocol.c smtp-api.c libesmtp.h libesmtp-private.h
         Added API call to permit protocol timeouts to be set.

       * ntlm/ntlmstruct.c
         Replaced use of byteswap.h and bswap_{16,32} with locally defined

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