Incorrect mailbox tree

After I re-built balsa from CVS sources yesterday, the mailbox tree 
display started behaving somewhat strangely. It's rather difficult to 
explain exactly what it looks like, so I hope everyone will forgive me for 
sending image file attachments to the list.

Simply put, I want the tree to look like the first image attached 
(balsa-correct.jpg) after expanding "" one level. However, 
after the update it will sometimes (but not always) look like the second 
image (balsa-error.jpg). Furthermore, it may seem like I always get [ 2nd 
attachment's tree ] at startup, but then after a delay whose length varies 
a bit, the tree is corrected so that I have [ 1st attachment's tree ]. 
However, if I manage to open a mailbox before the tree is corrected 
update  - e.g. by enabling automatic Inbox open - the update seems to 
stop, and I'm left with an incomplete tree.

Any idea what is happening? What exactly is going on during the initial 
delay? IMAP folder scan?

Note: "" is an IMAP folder set (well, obviously), and I keep 
"Sent" and "Trash" on the IMAP server. "Drafts" and "Outbox" are for the 
time being local folders.

Toralf Lund <>  +47 66 85 51 22
Kongsberg Scanners AS               +47 66 85 51 00 (switchboard)     +47 66 85 51 01 (fax)



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