Re: Status and X-UIDL headers

On Mon 10:31, 17 June 2002 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2002.06.17 01:55:46 +0100 Julian M Catchen wrote:
>> Hey Everyone,
>> used in too many places to be that unstandardized.  Also,  I was wondering 
>> if anyone can tell me to what extent Balsa makes use of them.  Does Balsa 
>> use these to determine if a message has been read?
> balsa remembers the last one it saw for each pop server. the pop rfc (i'm
> not reading - babling from memory) message UIDL must be unique in a spool
> and order must be kept so you just need to walk through the message queue
> till you find the last one you retrieved and start from there. As oposed
> to imap message ids where the server tells you if it has rehashed the
> mailbox with pop you never know if evil happened, some pop servers will
> redo message uidls if you touch the mailbox file. the rfc does allow
> the server to redo the ids in major crisis times and you may get repeated
> mails.

A very important point.  The UIDL is obtained from the POP protocol session, 
*not* the message headers.


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