Re: Status and X-UIDL headers

On 2002.06.17 01:55:46 +0100 Julian M Catchen wrote:
> Hey Everyone,

> used in too many places to be that unstandardized.  Also,  I was wondering 
> if anyone can tell me to what extent Balsa makes use of them.  Does Balsa 
> use these to determine if a message has been read?
balsa remembers the last one it saw for each pop server. the pop rfc (i'm
not reading - babling from memory) message UIDL must be unique in a spool
and order must be kept so you just need to walk through the message queue
till you find the last one you retrieved and start from there. As oposed
to imap message ids where the server tells you if it has rehashed the
mailbox with pop you never know if evil happened, some pop servers will
redo message uidls if you touch the mailbox file. the rfc does allow
the server to redo the ids in major crisis times and you may get repeated

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