ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.0.1 released.


Balsa team would like to announce balsa-2.0.1 release

balsa-2.0.0 is a second preview release of the GNOME2 port.

You can get the files from

or download directly from

The binary rpm is built on RH7.3 - but the GNOME2 libraries used to 
build it may be different than yours so you are encouraged to compile 
the binary yourself.

The major changes are:
- all the bug fixes from the main trunk ported.
- port objects to GObjects whenever possible.
- replace GtkCTree with GtkTreeView.
- redesign identities dialog from scratch.

Balsa is a team effort - and I thank all the authors and contributors!

Happy mailing!


Pawel Salek (pawsa(at)
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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