Font not found ?

	Hi everybody !

	A friend of mine, who's not connected to the list, has been using Balsa for quite a long time. He's now using 1.3.4, on SuSE 8.0, and as delighted as I am with this great software.

	However, he recently noticed that he was unable to print messages : each time, he gets an error message : "Balsa cannot find Courier font". He tried it on another account, then on another machine, with the same result.

	I have been unable to help him : printing works perfectly on my (RedHat) box, gnome-print seems properly installed for him, and I could not find out *where* Balsa looks for his fonts.

	Could any of you please help him out ?

	Many thanks for any help, and of course for Balsa itself !
_Olivier Jousselin_     CTO/Directeur technique, PC Away

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