message sorting oddity

Hi everyone,

I've been experiencing some oddities in the way Balsa sorts the mails in 
mailboxes. Right now, for instance, I have ~415 mails sitting in my Inbox, 
some of the date from september last year. When I fire up balsa, all these 
mails come up sorted in some weird way, they're definitely not sorted by 
date, sender or subject. I have to click on the date column to sort them 
out properly, and the funny thing is, if I close that mailbox and then 
re-open it, the mails will remain sorted. I've been seeing this for quite 
a long time now, I seem to recall this started during 1.3.3-cvs. I'm using 
Maildir type mailboxes, if its of any help. Even though the mails are 
sorted out correctly after clicking on the 'date' column, the 'index 
number' looks kinda funny, eg, right now the last five messages are 
numbered 39, 181, 96, 71 and 337, and they are dated, respectively, 09 jun 
14:52, 09 jun 14:55, 09 jun 15:16, 09 jun 16:24 and 09 jun 16:46. When the 
mailbox is first opened, the last messages are numbered 412 (date 10 oct 
2001 22:01) and 414 (date 08 apr 2002 10:09).

I searched the list for this, and found a message from Emmanuel Allaud 
(message id <>) dated May 17th 
referring to this. There were, however, no responses.

I hope anyone can look into this. And thanks for such a great mua :)

Kind regards,

    -- nuno

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