TODO before 1.4.0 release


I have got an excellent suggestion to post a TODO before coming 1.4.0 
release of balsa. This TODO lists only issues I consider most important, 
feel free to suggest additional items. Some items are easier to fix, 
some are more difficult. Feel free to ask questions if you would like to 
try to fix one of these issues.

- bugzilla. merge similar bugs, close reports that you know were fixed. 
if you do not have privileges for it, you can still add comments that 
will help people that do have the privilieges. if you have some 
experience with bugzilla and gnome, you might ask for such privileges (I 
think This item is probably the best 
starting point: reporters need time to answer or provide more 

- consistent mailbox edition (I am working on this so this will 
hopefully disappear soon). What I am not going to address is adding new 
local directories, their edition and removal. if you feel this is 
needed, give it a shot.

- Show a message when no matching messages are found on search. 
Currently, nothing happens which can be confusing ("did I press cancel, 
or ok?")

- update webpage: Screen shots and FAQ. You do not need programming 
skills for it. if you do not have cvs access, You can place modified 
page somewhere on the web, we will sync from it, or you can send the 
tarball, or...

- is sig separator working correctly?

Pawel Salek (pawsa(at)
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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