Re: Find mailbox by name considered harmful

On 2002.06.05 06:41 M. Thielker wrote:
> On 2002.06.05 12:21 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> Balsa needs a simple widget that allows the user to choose a mailbox 
>> from a list of `most recently used', with the option of displaying 
>> the whole mailbox tree if the desired choice isn't on the list. One 
>> plausible
> [...]
>> with this need. It could also be used in a new dialog replacing the 
>> submenu on the BalsaIndex context menu--popup menus with submenus 
>> are frowned upon by the Human Interface Guidelines:
>> Comments?
> Yes. I do not think that a "Move" dialog is a GoodThing. It would 
> mean a right click, drag-left click move leftclick move leftclick 
> move leftclick sequence to replace a rightclick drag leftclick 
> sequence to accomplish the same thing.
> Selection an option from a 2-level submenu is much less tedious then 
> selecting an option from a sinple context menu, operating a dialog 
> control that basically functions as the second menu level did, then 
> dismissing the dialog.
> I use this "Move" submenu extensively - I should, I wrote it :) - and 
> I would miss it very much.
> Another thing to think about is that MRU1 != MRU2. Meaning, I don't 
> need mailboxes used in some other function to appear on the MRU for 
> "Move".
> Melanie

A patch for the BALSA_2 cvs branch that implements the new widget may 
be found at

The patch leaves the current (Balsa-2) transfer-message functionality 
(in balsa-index.c and message-window.c) intact, but consolidates the 
code in balsa-mblist.c. It also defines the GtkOptionMenu widget, and 
uses it to fix the vulnerability of the fcc_box code to non-unique 
mailbox names, and adds the option of selecting an fcc_box anywhere in 
the mailbox tree.

I'm working on back-porting the changes to the HEAD branch--patch to 
follow in a few days. The new widget should also fit in well with the 
filter code, with a little tweaking--also to follow.


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