Re: viewing uuencoded content

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 08:53:08PM +0200, M. Thielker wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2002.06.03 19:53 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > outlook, the wormalizer, will happily take anything that remotly looks
> > like anything it can pretend to handle, so you get automagic uudecoding
> > of anything that looks remotly like uuencoded data and KLEZ.
> It still seems mighty inconvenient to have save the text part and run 
> uudecode on it from the command line. Here are some suggestions:
> * Adopt the Out***k approach and look for anything like uuencode in the 
> first 50 lines of each message. Present that part as if it were a MIME part.
and break for all messages that have \nbegin\n like outlook does ? argh :)

> * Allow uudecode to be run on the marked (or autodetected) portion of an 
> email by mouse click (right click?)
> * Allow piping of emails to external programs, of course only by user 
> interaction, never automagically. Could that be something one could use a 
> filter for?
i like this one better than the one above, i even thought about it myself.
i can't think of other situations were it's usefull though, anything obvious 
i'm missing ?

> We should, I think, ignore the mode given in the begin line and always save 
> the file with the current umask and no x bit set.
that would be a job for the user filter 


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