Re: viewing uuencoded content

On 2002.06.03 18:45:22 +0100 Ian Leonard wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been receiving mail with  uuencoded data (a jpeg). Balsa
> doesn't do anything with it.  And why should it? - there's no mime
> or content information - it's just an email with data in it.

sounds right. uu encoding was designed to only work with human

> The problem is that other people (using Outlook) have the
> file decoded and displayed. Can anyone explain what why this
> is happening.

try sending them an email with


outlook, the wormalizer, will happily take anything that remotly looks
like anything it can pretend to handle, so you get automagic uudecoding
of anything that looks remotly like uuencoded data and KLEZ.

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