Re: viewing uuencoded content


On 2002.06.03 19:53 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> outlook, the wormalizer, will happily take anything that remotly looks
> like anything it can pretend to handle, so you get automagic uudecoding
> of anything that looks remotly like uuencoded data and KLEZ.

It still seems mighty inconvenient to have save the text part and run 
uudecode on it from the command line. Here are some suggestions:

* Adopt the Out***k approach and look for anything like uuencode in the 
first 50 lines of each message. Present that part as if it were a MIME part.

* Allow uudecode to be run on the marked (or autodetected) portion of an 
email by mouse click (right click?)

* Allow piping of emails to external programs, of course only by user 
interaction, never automagically. Could that be something one could use a 
filter for?

We should, I think, ignore the mode given in the begin line and always save 
the file with the current umask and no x bit set.


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