Re: receiving mail won't work

HI all,

For those who asked, the settings are as follows:

>From MC I got the following information:
system name: Galaxy
my username for internet-email is different from <myname>

/home/<myname>/mail/draftbox, outbox, sentbox (bigger than 0 bytes), trash 
(bigger than 0 bytes)

In Balsa I set things up like this:
In preferencens-Identity
mailadress <>
reply to <>

POP3 /home/<myname>  (which is the mailboxname, I think)
server =  (correct information, I got it from my ISP and from 
my M$windows settings)
userid (which is unequal to <myname>!!!)

I did not use any other button

Outgoing mail:
remote smtp server; port 25 (correct information from ISP used)

>those are likely to be mail server notices of failures if you're sending
>from yourname@localhost.domain your ISP is most likely not to carry those
>messages as that is not a valid domain

Okay, what does that mean? yourname@localhost.domain? Did I put this as a 
setting somewhere? How? Where? What is it supposed to be?

>what your mail settings should be for starters, are you using SMTP or
>local sendmail.

See above. As far as I know I use a smtp server with my ISP. Correct me if 
I'm wrong.

What am I doing wrong? Sending mail is no problem, the >0 bytes sentitemsbox 
indicates so. But I still don't have a clue why I cannot receive email, 
other than internal messages from my system when I f*cked up. As far as I 
can remember, things where working on an other system, with SuSE6.0. Then I 
used a version of Kmail. Anyway, the settings I am trying now work pretty 
good in Windows98SE and Eudora so I don't think they are the source of the 

Please help,

Greetz, dJezzer


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