Annoying behaviour


First, thanks for Balsa and all the hard work. I have been using it
successfully for ages.

My problem is that every so often I fail to read a message. It's in
my mail box - I just miss it. It just happened and I think the reason
is this. If I click to open a mail box I might miss the fact that it has
an unread message in it. As I click, sometimes it opens the new message
(which I miss because I'm looking for something else) and sometimes
it doesn't.

I think the solution to this might be to not remove the unread icon (the
envelope) until you open another message. Just because it's open in
front of you, doesn't mean you've read it. Maybe change the icon to
an open envelope or something while a new message is being read.

Ian Leonard
Phone: +44 (0)1865 765273

Please ignore spelling and punctuation - I did.

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