Re: receiving mail won't work

Hi Rikke,

In settings-preferences-mailservers-outgoing mail is my ISP's smpt-server. 
This works fine, since I looped a message to myself via the e-mail and saw 
it on the internet in my on-line mailbox.
Hi Carlos,

Balsa did nothing, my ppp-client flashed a box (too fast, impossible to see) 
but no traffic showed. The errormessages I receive are coming from the 
inside, there's no ISP involved.

Upgrading is my next thing, I downed the new version already. But anyway, 
this thing should work in the old version.
Hi Ali,

Like I mentioned above, the messages I receive are coming from the system 
instead of from the internet (yes, internet is working ;-)

What maildaemon is Balsa using, by default? Where can I find this 

I will try your mbox tip and let the group know what has happened.

Thank you all, so far

Greetz, dJezzer

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